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How to market with heavily more impact

By Olamrcreator , 2 Comment's

There are 2 important questions, which very few business owners ask of themselves. However, they contain the seeds of a heavily valuable marketing insight. And by asking and answering them, you’ll avoid an extremely common and damaging mistake.

Here are the questions.
  1. What does my ideal client (or customer) look like?
  2. What am I doing, to make sure my marketing is only directly relevant to this super-valuable niche?
Here’s why these questions, and your answers, are so important.

Something for everyone

One of the most common marketing mistakes, especially with small and medium-sized businesses, is to try and appeal to the widest possible range of people.
On one level, it seems to make sense.
The thinking looks like this: The more people you try and appeal to, the more prospective clients you’ll have.
However, that’s not how it works. In reality, using that approach guarantees you will actually attract far fewer clients or sales.
And here’s why.
To motivate someone to switch brands or switch providers, your marketing needs to motivate them into action. It has to be directly relevant to them. It has to talk to their world-view. Their wants. Their needs. Their values.
Every time you decide to widen the appeal of your marketing, beyond your ideal client, you weaken its effectiveness. Your marketing shifts from being:
  • Directly relevant (powerful and compelling).
  • To vaguely relevant (feeble and weak).
If you haven’t already, I recommend you get intentional about exactly who you want to do business with. Then focus all your marketing, so that it speaks exclusively to that high value group.
In short, go narrow and deep. Not wide and shallow.
Get it right my friend, and it’s a game changer.
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